Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen thoughts from today...

1. Why do animals and babies love to shred kleenex? Combine the 2 and I could have an entire house of kleenex confetti in about an hour.

2. Is it bad to let your child have the one thing he's obsessed with at the moment(swimming), just to get a couple of hours with no whining?

3. I love that Ladybug knows the signs for more, and bird, they are so cute.

4. I wish I was as smart and cool as McMommy. She is absolutely the funniest bloggymamma ever!

5. If I put superglue on my fingers the mail won't slip out of my hand, but then I guess I'd have a pretty hard time getting it in the box, huh?

6. Why do I bother giving advice to people who ask for it but never listen?

7. How does my house go from spotless to trashed in 0.65 seconds?

8. How does my teeny tiny 20 lb Ladybug, eat her weight in food everyday? Won't she explode after awhile?

9. Why do I work as hard as I do so that I can stand in line at the grocery store behind those people using their food stamp cards, getting cashback for cigaretts and alcohol, and they probably don't work at all? And I also get to pay through the nose for taxes, daycare, and health insurance, and they probably get all that stuff free too.

10.Really, Is my memory that bad that I can't remember 13 thoughts I had today? Or did I even have 13 thoughts today?

11. I love the way Ladybug "talks".

12. Is it possible to get through to a 3 year-old without yelling? I feel like the more I yell, the less he listens to me, but he doesn't listen when I talk normally either.

13. I just looked at the last sentence I was trying to type, and it's obvious that I should quit while I'm ahead.


  1. It sounds like you are in my head! With a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old, I'm right there with ya! :) Thanks for the giggles! (Found you on McMommy's Blog)

  2. Dana, you made me laugh out loud with those! and you may have also inspired me to try my own Thursday thirteen one of these days!

    (Can I steal #4 from you? ha ha ha ha!!!!)

  3. I also meant to tell you how much I LOVE your new blog title!!! It's FANTASTIC!!