Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Real Life

Ok, Farm Fresh Iowa is doing an It's real life Fest, and well, I'm participating, more fun for you.

The thing is to take pictures of certain things around the house without prepping them so it is really real life, get it?

First- The Toilet, I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be lid up or down, but this is how I found it.(lucky me)

Next up- Laundry (beautiful ain't it?)

A closet, ours in the master bathroom. It's bigger than this but I couldn't fit it all in and I'm too lazy to add another picture.

Lady Bug getting in some beauty sleep (it's way to hot to bother with pj's here, plus my kids sweat buckets when they sleep)

Spidey- looking for the kitty

Self portrait- Why dry your hair when mother nature will do it in less time?

The fridge...
I'm sure that was supposed to be the inside of the fridge...

Favorite shoes...

Least favorite but most worn (and of course stinky)shoes...

Favorite room in the house (with few to choose from)

And how could I forget the kitchen sink...

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  1. Great real life photos! I love the tile in your bathroom, we need to redo ours using darker tile for sure. Great shots of your kiddies too - both in the exact same position, lol!!!

  2. great photos! i especially love the one of baby sleeping...i was close to having to take Tulip's clothes off yesterday if she'd woken up a 2nd time...but she didn't so I didn't have to. but now...for me...yes, way too hot for PJs. ;-)

  3. Great job Dana! Although, personally I liked my Skype tour the other night - hee hee! I am about to blog about my inability to complete today's challenge, that is if I can manage to get out of bed and pee first. I know I've said it before, but your eyes are amazing. Did either of the kids inherit them?

  4. Love your kitchen sink and countertop!!! NICE!

  5. You have gorgeous eyes!

    How is it you have empty shelves in your refrigerator AND your closet?? So jealous.

    That's a great header pic too btw!

    Thanks for playing!

  6. good shots -love your favorite shoe shot! I love little sneaks like that, my hubby calls them my ugly bowling sneakers. I'm always finding ones I find too cute to pass up.

  7. Love the two little legs poking out from between the couches. Adorable.

  8. Great photos... I too use air dry for my hair... never have time to actually blow dry it. :-)

  9. I love your couches! They look so comfy.