Sunday, July 27, 2008

Biggest DORK ever!

I just realized something.
And it made me feel like such a dork.
I've seen other people's posts like Rachael's about replying to people's comments via e-mail.
I never really understood.
You see, I've always just clicked on the reply button and typed my message, and then hit send.
Before today I never even looked to see if there was an e-mail address.
I should have looked.
Now I understand.
There are probably a lot of you out there that I've replied to your comment (or, thought I did)that didn't get it.
For that I am sorry.
You'll never know.
I won't either.
I promise to be better from now on.
But only if you promise to read Rachael's post and follow her directions.
Thank you.
This weeks Top 5 Tuesday is going to be pet peeves.
Mine's ready, is yours?


  1. Oh, don't feel like a dork! I learned early on from my friend Laural over at Mamasphere when I asked her a question about it! That's why I'm the learning mommy -and all to happy to pass along my learning to all of you! And thank you for the plug sending people to read my post - Bloggywood would be absolutely perfect if everyone heeded my tiny little request!

  2. HIGH-FIVE!!! That is definitely one of my pet peeves!! Because there are so many times I want to "reply" to the comment a blogger just left...and then I can't!

    And then I feel like a huge dork if I go to their blog and leave a comment saying "You know that question you just asked me? Um, well my answer is yes."

    And they'll be like "What is this chick talking about?!"

    Yeah, that's me.


  3. I am a dork too then.
    I thought if I had emailed someone that was it.
    I didn't know until recently that I needed to enable my email.
    So glad to know.
    I am going to do a post on this too.
    The word needs to get out!!!

  4. Dana I only just realised that you could have comments emailed to your inbox.

    So you're a step ahead of me!

  5. I'm so glad you posted about this, too! I like to reply, but, if I've already been to your blog and made a comment, I don't want to do it again!

    Please enable your email! Set up an ambiguous one if you yourblog name at gmail dot com. Super easy!

  6. I didn't even know this was an issue for people, much less an option that I should've considered, so I'm really glad you posted this! I took good notes and even did my homework and added my e-mail address!! I hope I get an A+ haha

  7. Yea!! I'm so glad you found this out, and yes, totally felt like a dork like McMommy!!


  8. I had to come back to your post and tell you that before you posted this, I never even considered that you could simply hit "reply", but since then I have used this as much as possible, and I now understand how annoying it is when there's no e-mail address to reply to, and I am considering doing a post of my own about this!
    Just had to share, because you opened my eyes to this new way of communication!