Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Help, I'm going through blog withdrawl!

I have been so disconnected from my computer the last two days.

Rylie was sick yesterday and today.

The kind of sick where you just don't want to move, nothing's comfortable, and you just want to lay on mom while she stands up and swings you from side to side.

No fever. Hardly any wet diapers. Scared momma. I took her to Urgent Care for kids, and the lady said she has an ear infection. I've never seen an ear infection like this one.

This morning I called Seth's mom to see if she could watch Rylie, as she was still acting sick, but with no fever. She had a dr. appointment. Since I can't call in sick I went ahead and took her to daycare and they actually took her.

She started throwing up around 9:00. I finally wound up having Seth's cousin pick her up to keep her until his mom could get her.

All this afternoon she just wanted to lay on my chest.

I got a great idea for an invention- a contraption shaped like a mother's chest with something to wrap around them like your arms. If someone can come up with this it would be worth a lot of money. (Of course nothing can take the place of a mother's comfort.)

I finally gave her a bath, which she cried through. Then a little later she all of a sudden got down off my lap and started smiling and walking around. She found Hunter's plate from dinner, and finished almost everything he hadn't eaten.

Thank goodness she's feeling better. I don't think I could have stood another whole afternoon away from my computer.


  1. Aww, poor Rylie! I'm glad she's feeling better! And welcome back to cyberspace! We missed you! :)

  2. Oh no! Poor Rylie!
    So happy to hear that she's doing better. There is nothing worse than when your kids are sick.
    Glad you're back! I wondered why you were so "quiet".

  3. Poor baby. It sounds like she is feeling much better now!

  4. Glad Rylie is better! I was missing you yesterday.

  5. Oh bless her. So glad she's better.