Monday, July 21, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday

It's time for another edition of Top 5 Tuesday!

This week I wanted to know:
What are your Top 5 favorite movies of all time?
Here's mine-

  1. Pretty Woman- The ultimate Cinderella story. Who doesn't love Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in that movie, they were just awesome.
  2. Where the Heart Is- I could watch this movie a thousand times and not get tired of it.
  3. Behind Enemy Lines- I think this was the first movie I saw Owen Wilson in that I actually liked, no LOVED! If it's on TV, I'll watch.
  4. The Shawshank Redemption- Just a great movie.
  5. Return To Me- Just a great romantic comedy.

These are my current Top 5's, although I'm sure I could move some around if I actually gave it some more thought.

(I have to say thank you to Simply Shannon for reminding me, I almost forgot about this until I saw your post. Maybe I should let you have it instead, hehe. I just have the worst memory. Plus I was working on a really big post which I will hopefully get done for Wed.)

Anyway, Please join me in Top 5 Tuesday and leave your link so we can check out your blog!!!


  1. Happy to help!
    Good choices. I love Shawshank Redemption. I always watch Where the Heart is when it is on as well, and Pretty Woman was just on this weekend. I like it, but I've seen it a million times and it's lost a bit of its luster for me.
    I've never seen Return to Me- who is in that?

  2. these meme posts of mine always seem to turn into long winded tangents - which means they're fun! thanks for this, I had a blast!

    Pretty Woman should have been on my list - it's such a good movie, but ::sigh:: so many choices so little space in a top 5. :) I loved Where the Heart is also!

  3. Oh my lordie, I recommend seeing all of them NOW! Except maybe Biodome, that can wait until you're good and drunk, if you so imbibe. :)

  4. Great list!
    I don't think I will have time to link a post, but I will share mine with you here:

    1. Steel Magnolias
    2. Pretty Woman
    3. The Notebook
    4. Sound of Music
    5. Pride and Prejudice

  5. So fun! I just put mine up. Thanks for hosting!

    I watched Shawshank a long time ago when it first came out on dvd. It think I was too young to appreciate it. I'll have to give it another try.

  6. 1. Baby Boom
    2. Hunt For Red October
    3. Pretty Women
    4. When Harry Met Sally
    5. While You Were Sleeping
    These are the main ones I will stop and watch no matter if there is 1hr left or 15 min....or just starting...Surpise Dana:):):):)

  7. LOVE Where the Heart Is - what a great movie! Completely forgot about it - might need to rent it one of these days!

  8. Return to me was such a great movie. You never ever hear anyone talk about it.

    And Shawshank Redemption...being a diehard Stephen King fan, I never thought I'd like any of his books made into films, this one though, despite some character differences, was brilliant!

  9. You know I was thinking about this and I think it would be helpful if you put the topic for the list up on Monday or had a schedule for the upcoming weeks. I would love to occasionally play along but sometimes I forget about it until I already have my Tues post up (like last week). Plus, I may be busy on Tues, but could get the post ready on the weekend.

    Just a thought. I hope you don't mind the suggestions.