Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's Real Life part 3

Farm Fresh Iowa has done it again... and I'm an Iowa girl so I had to participate.

I missed last weeks It's Real Life post. I think I found out about it too late. But I'm going to do the one for this week, aren't you excited?

This week's assignment was "Where the magic happens"

Well, here it 1 picture real life.

Notice the lack of pillow on the left side of the bed, which would be Seth's side. Apparently the floor is just way too hard to resist for him these days. He's always been a bit of a rebel about sleeping just about anywhere that looks comfortable at the time. Me...not so much.
We bought our bedroom set at Ashley Furniture, it came with 2 night stands, an armoire, and we also got a mirror that would go over a dresser, but we have never found a place to hang it. I may have him hang it in our closet one of these days. We aren't really dresser people and don't have room for a dresser anyway, because it's way more important to have a tv in the bedroom than to have clothes to wear. Am I right?
The quilt on the bed was made by my aunt. I have several from her, she does really good work. Seth made the cedar chest that's on the right side of the picture. He made it before we bought the furniture, it matches well.
The lotion is for looks mostly , sometimes my incredibly dry skin reminds me I need it though, like when my nonexistant cuticles start shredding because my hands are so dry, ow. I tried to put it out of reach, but Hunter still gets into it. I just can't get enough of the Johnson's Bedtime lotion, it smells so good.
My night stand is pretty much empty, just the alarm clock and the baby monitor.... oh, and how could I forget the remotes for the tv and cable box, most important. What's in my night stand? Ha, that wasn't required, and you really don't want to see it.
No pictures on the walls in here, Seth wouldn't let me put up my celebrity crush posters (maybe a little insecure?). I mean, he is so much better looking than Brad Pitt, and Matthew McConaughey, and all those other guys anyway.
My favorite thing about the room is the bed. And when I say bed, I mean the fantastically comfortable Tempurpedic mattresses. I made Seth agree it would be our Christmas present when I was pregnant with Rylie. I was about 6 months pregnant by then, and I slept as well as a pregnant woman can up until the end. Oh, and I have to include with the bed, my pillows too. We both got the tempurpedic pillows, and each got a (regular) body pillow all included with the bed. Must haves, for sure.
The only thing I dislike about our room is the size. It's pretty small. And there's only one possible layout for everything. We were spoiled in our other house, the bedroom was a little bigger, even though the house was smaller.
I don't think there's anything that makes it uniquely me.
And I don't have a picture of my pajamas, but just picture a wife beater tank top and pajama pants or shorts. No nightgowns for this chick, I can't stand them.
So now you know where the magic happens (the blogging magic, that is).


  1. Cute post! Like your blog layout too.

  2. lol i LOVE the title of your blog.. hilarious!
    cute bedroom! :-)

  3. Cute bedroom. I love that he made a cedar chest--that is awesome!

  4. No celebrity crush pictures? Too funny. I love the new look, I forgot to mention it.

    Did she link this new web address to your old address? DO you know how to do that?

  5. great post...who needs photos when you can describe so well. :-)

  6. Your blog is HILARIOUS! Where the heck is SuperNannY?

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your room!!!

  7. Hello from a fellow Iowa Girl!

    I almost got a bedroom set like yours! Wish I had. Your blog layout is really cute.

    My DH sleeps on the floor too.

  8. LOL, that's crazy... I'd like to see. kix_gkbathotmaildotcom. Where in IA are you from?

  9. I got our super comfy mattress set right after we had our fourth- sleep in our old one was torture!

    That quilt and chest are fabulous- you are so lucky to have such talented loved ones.

  10. Love a comfy mattress, ours is fantastic too. i enjoyed snooping!