Sunday, July 20, 2008

Randomness and organization

Last Monday- A long hot day at work must have given me some kind of mutant energy to cook dinner, clean out my pantry, and go to swimming lessons for Hunter. It looks like this now 7 days later, be glad I didn't do a before shot. Seth has taught me some skillz in the how to's of pantry organization.

Today (Sunday)- as I was getting my new dishes out of the box to get washed up and put away I figured, "what the heck, I may as well reorganize too. I didn't do any before shots, so just imagine that each and every one of these cabinets had at least one shelf that was spilling out when you'd open the door.
This cabinet used to have the glasses and sippy cup nightmare. Now it's the stuff I don't use as much.

Most of the stuff in the above picture came from this cabinet that now has the glasses and plates(below). Notice the empty spot on the top left...I'm still trying to figure out what goes there. I got rid of a bunch of sippy cup parts that didn't have what it took to be a complete sippy cup. I have no patience when it comes to non-matching, part missing, cups. And I'm also sick of holding on to the spare parts thinking that they may just come in handy one day. Just not gonna happen my friends.

This last cabinet used to have the dishes, and kids plates (which was also a nightmare). What is it about all that stuff that makes it hard to just put it in and keep it neat. Maybe it's just built to piss people off that like to be orderly, and show that nothing is orderly when you have kids. I'm also figuring out what's going to go in that spot on the middle shelf. It seems amazing to me that I have all of this extra space...there must be something I'm missing.
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Things that bother me in the kitchen:
1.No one else knows how to load the dishwasher but me, literally. People try, but fail miserably. I actually prefer to have the dishes rinsed (yes rinsed, I'm not asking you to wash it) and piled in the sink.
2. There's a distinct difference between a dish rag and a dish towel. I can't stand finding a soaking wet towel sitting in my sink under a pile of dishes that haven't been rinsed! It grosses me out to no end.
3. Forgive me this, but I like my dishes to be clean after I wash them. If they're not, I will rewash them before I put them away. I will notice. If you don't take the valve out of the sippy cup, it won't get clean!
I've been tired lately, a little stressed, and a lot annoyed. Saturday was a day I really could have just lived without. I was ready to either cry or just quit my job. I did neither.
Now, since you're still reading, enjoy this little video of Rylie playing with the cat.

I'm still waiting for the right answer to the Stupid Tax Trivia....

And I'm going to close my poll tomorrow (Monday) night, so hurry up and vote, and be prepared to e-mail me your questions, I can't wait!

P.S. One last thing, This weeks Top 5 Tuesday is going to be...What are your top 5 favorite movies EVER? Come back on Tuesday to link up (if I can manage to get mr. linky to work again it will be a minor miracle).


  1. i can't promise, but i'll see if i can come up with a movie top 5 before tomorrow and join in :)

    you've obviously had a mad organizing skillz day and i commend you, i wish i had done the same with my saturday!

    and ps i know EXACTLY what you mean about the dishes.

  2. You kitchen looks great! I wish I had that sort of space!

    Wanna come over and clean for me?

    And, I agree about the dishes. Please rinse them before putting them in the dishwasher!

  3. I seem to be the only one who actually know how to load a dishwasher. At least your husband attempts.

    Those sippy cup valves drive me insane, which is why I've thrown them all out. I don't care if it was my sons favorite (totally joking)

  4. I am the same way about the dishwasher! It drives me bonkers when anyone else tries to load it because nobody does it right. It's not like my method is rocket science either!
    The one thing that Kevin does in the kitchen that drives me bananas is that he's constantly putting dirty dishes into a dishwasher full of clean dishes and then rewashing them all...because he can't take the 2 seconds to look to see if the dishes already in the dishwasher are clean or dirty. SO obnoxious!

    I'm thinking hard about movies...that's a tough one!

  5. Great job on the organization! Love the video of Rylie and the cat - so cute! And I am not guessing on the trivia because no one else got it right and my brain is not functioning correctly. I have to admit, when I saw "stupid tax trivia" I thought for sure I'd be able to win (with Ben's help, of course!).

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  7. Love your mad organization!
    Very nice.
    We would work well together in the kitchen.
    I have the same issues as you.
    Love the video.