Friday, July 11, 2008

Rylie's new fun game

She likes to walk around the house and put her blanket over her head. Lately her blankie has been drug around every square inch of the house. So far though she isn't so attached that she can't go without it. She did spot it in the dryer among the clean clothes one day and about had a coronary until I got it for her, it was pretty cute.
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  1. It is cute when they get attached to something.

    I hope for your sake it never reaches gee-gee fever pitch.

  2. Very cute. I hope that she's clever enough to enjoy her new hobby without walking into the furniture!
    You may want to encourage her to play with other blankies now before she becomes too attached to any particular one (not that any mother really has any control over such things! Kids will do whatever they darn well please whether it suits us or not).

  3. Awwww..she's like a little Linus from Charlie Brown. Only cuter!

  4. She actually likes about any blanket out there. Really, anything that'd soft and she can drag around.

  5. What a cute little ghost! My daughter is obsessed with that very same blanky.
    Here by way of POW.

  6. Wyatt automatically sticks his fingers in his mouth when his blanket comes within a foot of his reach. I love babies who are attached to blankies...