Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday

For this weeks edition I'm asking the question:
What are your top 5 biggest pet peeves?

I'm not sure why I picked this one, other than I wanted to get away from movies and tv, and I am trying to come up with things that don't have any requirements other than being human. I have tons of pet peeves, but there are some that bug me way more than others.

Here's mine:
  1. People who are unobservant and think they are the only people on earth. This applies to people who leave me change for more than one letter (usually like 10) that I have to put stamps on, and people who park in front of their own mailbox, or someone elses because they are only going to be there for a minute (you know that has to be the time I will come). This also includes shoppers who stand in the middle of an aisle blocking the way because they are either on the phone, or talking to someone they're with, and not paying attention. And people who try to give back mail that's addressed to Current Resident saying "Doesn't live here". Think about it stupid!
  2. Garage Sales - unless there's a good deal for me. If I'm working though, forget it.
  3. People (usually snowbirds) who drive around a parking lot for 15 minutes looking to get a spot close to the door. We live in the desert, it's not even cold here, if it was 15 below 0 I would understand. Get off your lazy butt and walk a little.
  4. People who complain, and ask for advice and then never do anything about their problem. I try not to complain (about things in my control) just for this reason. I don't want to have to feel obligated to use what people tell me, even if I think they are full of shit.
  5. People who literally live off of the government. I don't mean people who are having a tough time and it's temporary, I mean people who just don't work, and get every single kind of government assistance out there, indefinately. The ones who are waiting outside the post office and ask our janitor to see of they got their check yet. Oh, and the ones who just keep having kids and use them as an excuse for not working and being on welfare. I work hard for my money, but I only have a high school diploma, and it is possible to get a decent paying job, even with just a GED.

Wow, I guess I've got a lot, it was hard to choose, but these were the easiest to come up with on short notice, so they must be high up on the list. Now it's your turn!

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  1. Great list! You make my pet peeves seem boring ;)

  2. ::sigh:: I think if I post another blog entry today my head might explode... maybe I'll be weird and post this tomorrow, cause it does sound fun...

  3. I promise I'll link up soon...just have to take a nap before I can come up with my list.

  4. I caved - I couldn't resist - 6 posts in one day and I'm toast... But it was fun! :)

  5. oh pet peeves how fun!!

    i have a ton. but i am a brat :)

    btw totally think i saw your brother!! ok not really. i have no clue what he looks like. but wouldn't that be funny!!

    and i soo wish we could meet up at disney...someday friend. someday.

  6. Love your pet peeves.
    Great topic.
    Great list.
    I have a little something for you over at my place.