Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The one about Kenny...

There was this guy at work.

His name was Kenny.

He passed away a few years ago, this post is a tribute to him...and to say "GROW UP" to some people.

One year for Halloween Seth made a mask and went as Kenny (he loved it).

He was a good guy...nice sense of humor, gave good advise, you know, just a good guy.

His wife also worked with did his ex-girlfriend of way back when...can you see where this is going?

They didn't get along, Kenny and the ex, and in fact there were two distinct groups, some on Kenny's side, and some on the ex's side. You couldn't be friends with both.

So back to the mask...

Shortly after that Halloween Ken had to retire for health reasons.

For his retirement party we made a ton of Kenny masks and everyone had one when he walked in, it was great.

After Ken retired he had a stroke. Then his parents died, and then a son, all within a month.

It was awful for him, and because of the stroke he couldn't talk or really do much of anything.

He didn't let people visit, not even his close friends. His wife quit work to take care of him.

Some of the masks are still around today, at least they used to be (lucky for me I have the picture we used to make them).

One of them was posted up where he used to work, but someone keeps taking it down, usually when no one's looking.

One of Ken's best friend's still works there, and we think they're doing it to piss him off. There are still these people that are enemies, and I understand that some people can hold a grudge, but really, let it go!

Grow up!

If you don't like someone, just don't talk to them, it's really simple.

At the very least you should respect people's property, if it's not yours, don't touch it!


  1. What a sad story about Kenny. And how rude and ignorant some people are!

  2. Love that Seth went dressed as Kenny. Cracked me up.

  3. It's very sad that people can be so petty and stupid. Poor Kenny. Show some respect for the dead morons.

  4. Mean people really suck, and there are too many of them out there.