Friday, July 18, 2008

What's in a name?

I've never been one for nicknames.
I don't have one, never have really (that I knew about anyway, who knows what people might have called me behind my back). I don't think you can consider "the mail man" a nickname, that's more of a title isn't it?
I don't even usually call people by their nicknames, unless that's all I know them by.

Seth likes nicknames.
He even has one that he got from people at work-Baby Seth, because when we started he was just a baby, and looked like one too.
He likes them so much because for some reason he can remember nicknames better than real names. He's got a name for almost everyone at work, wanna hear?
See if you can spot the theme.

Hogi Yogi
2 liter/Ray Romano
Jeaner Beaner
Crabby Patti
Mean Jean
Lou Lou
Super Slacker
Hawaii 5-0

There's more, but some I just can't list. Jeaner Beaner is a little strange. He's not Mexican, but almost looks like it, and speaks a lot of Spanish because he grew up in south Texas. One time we went to a party at his house where there were a TON of Mexicans, and Seth walks in and pretty much yells "Jeaner Beaner" and imagine the looks he got. (Believe me when I tell you Seth is not the least bit racist!) .
A lot of the names he comes up with are food. I don't know why. I think he's getting away from that now though.
Sometimes when he can't think of someone's name he just calls them bubble butt (I know, it's mean). Not sure why on this one either, except some of them have a little bubble goin' on. Even worse is the fact that we'll be talking and he'll refer to someone as bubble butt and I have to ask, "which one"?
After 10 years he still has trouble remembering some people's names.

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  1. Some of those are pretty good ones!

    And, 20 pressure, right?

  2. LOL! His not-racist comment made me laugh & remember one of my own. One of those crawl under the desk moments.

    A few months ago, we pulled up to our church during off-hours. My Dh is one of the pastors, so it's not an uncommon thing for us to be there during off-hours. Anyway, a crew of Hispanic men were at the church working on the landscaping. As we stepped out of the van, I kid you 8 year old son said "I smell Taquitos!". I have NO IDEA what he actually smelled, but the timing of his comment was SOOOO bad! We very quickly rushed him into the building & explained why that might've sounded rude to the men working outside...and then proceeded to hide in an empty office & crack up.

    To this day, Dh & I crack up when anyone talks about eating taquitos.