Sunday, July 6, 2008

Random thoughts #2

- We had a good weekend, very relaxing (except for that whole working on Saturday thing).

- Seth got his 30 day chip today.

-When Hunter says bathing suits, it sounds like baby soups.

-Rylie is learning so fast. She now knows the signs for light, cookie, eat, more, down, and sleep. She even said light the other day. She also sort of says what sounds like nice kitty.

-I definately should NOT get a Costco card, if I do I'll probably go broke.

-If Rylie falls and hit's her head one more time surely she's going to have some kind of brain damage, right?

-Is it possible to be burned out by swimming already? Maybe it's just because it makes me tired.

-Maybe I'm not tired from swimming, but from staying up too late.

-This week at work better be much easier than last week or I'll probably end up crying (or at the very least whining...a lot).

-How is it possible that people like my post office stories so much?

-How do I get companies to send me stuff to try out and give away, cause I could totally do that?

-That Python siphon for the fishtank was well worth the money, quick, easy, and most importantly, clean. (we've had to use it a couple of times in the last few weeks)

-I think my washer must be broken, the timer said 1 minute left, and that was 10 minutes's still spinning right now.


  1. I love random thoughts. They're just so very random.

  2. Love the random thoughts. No idea about the samples, but I'd love to do that, too!