Monday, July 7, 2008

A waste of a good sick day?

Is there such a thing?

All night last night Hunter was up and down. Mommy this and that, my tummy hurts, I have to poop, I don't wanna poop, I gotta trow up, I don't wanna trow up, my troat hurts, I wanna sleep with daddy, I wanna sleep on the couch, I wanna sleep on the floor. And you don't even get to experience the high pitched, loud whinyness of it. Every 20 minutes it was something. No sleep for Mommy.

I guess my Mommy instinct is failing me. I have no idea what's wrong. My only clue is the persistent, "My tummy hurts".

He hasn't eaten much, even though he says he's hungry. He asks for something, I make it, and he doesn't eat it.

He's been drinking a ton, I've been giving him 20%juice to 80% water.

He's been eating "hopcicles", from the "waywador".

This morning (around 5 am, cause yes, I was up) I decided that I would take Rylie to daycare and stay home with Hunter (since we paid for Friday I figured she should at least go today, I wasn't going to waste any more of my money, which is a whole other post in itself).

We took Rylie, he didn't want to get out of the car while I took her in.

He kept saying he wanted his daddy and I had a package to mail, so we went to work. I mailed my package on the machine in the lobby, and he saw his daddy. Can I just say how much I love the fact that I can't just get a day off from there without some reason to go there?

I made the mistake of asking him if he wanted pancakes when we left for home, thinking I'd just pay a visit and waste some money at McD's. Then I looked at the clock and realized it was actually lunchtime, no pancakes. OK, I'll just get some mix and make "homemade" pancakes.
He didn't like them.

I'm taking him to the Dr. this afternoon, even though I'm sure there's really nothing they can do, and I'll probably just wind up looking like some kind of over reactive mother. I'm just stumped. He visually doesn't feel well, he was actually laying on the floor in our bedroom this morning when I got out of the shower, instead of asking to watch TV or playing. the whole time we've been home he's just been laying around, which is totally not his usual self. He still hasn't thrown up.

Oh well, I've been there before, when he had a 103 fever and it was New Year's holiday weekend, and he was 11 months old. The Dr at Urgent Care told me babies get fevers. Didn't look at him much, and didn't seem overly concerned. Didn't even take any tests. Just made me feel like an over reactive parent.

Well, I guess better over reactive than under, right?


  1. I also say err on the side of caution! You know why? Because one of these WILL BE RIGHT!

    That happened to me with Matty. The doc gave me the whole speech about viruses, yada yada yada. the bloodwork comes back 5 minutes later and whaddayaknow....a BACTERIAL BLOOD INFECTION!! I just wanted to stick my tongue out at the doc and say "HA! I KNEW IT!!"

    I hope your son is feeling better soon.

    p.s. why are my Twitters up on your page??

  2. One thing I love about our ped is that she NEVER makes us feel like any question or concern is stupid. I would have zero tolerance for that. I hope the doctor can give you some advice and that he's back to normal soon. The "waiting" for something to happen is the worst!

  3. gotta trust those mama instincts. hope he is feeling better soon!