Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's not the spa, but I'll take it...

I was being a really good and perceptive mail carrier, and noticed that the box was open at one of the houses on my route. They have a tall fence that just the face of the box sticks through, and on the other side they cut out the back of the box and made a door. It's a HUGE box, which mail carriers LOVE! They are some of the nicest people whenever I've talked to them. They own a couple of fast food restaurants. ( I won't tell you which, but I'm sure their's is better than the one I left my food at the other night).

Anyway, they are getting ready to move off of my route which makes me sad, but I am so happy for them, they're going to a really nice area. Since I knew that, I got worried when I pulled up the other day and their mail was all over the ground, inside the fence. They usually get a lot of mail, and that day the door on the inside of the fence had fallen open. The gate was closed and the mail had to have been from Saturday, (I tried to get in to pick up the mail because I know they don't have a dog but I couldn't get the gate open) so I kept their mail from Monday since we've been having some bad storms and I didn't want to just leave it (the box is so big I couldn't get the back door closed either). I also held it the next day because I still didn't see anyone there. Yesterday I stopped because their car was there and talked to the lady. She was really nice, as usual. She thanked me for watching out for their mail, and gave me 4 tickets to one of the local waterparks! I just looked up the admission prices and it looks like if we went it would cost us around $85.00 for just the 4 of us to go. I guess it pays to be perceptive!

Project Discipline Update: Today- Fact finding about unlocked vehicles. Yep, me too. My lock is broken, so I think I'm safe on this, since they changed the wrong lock when I wrote it up. Hopefully this means no letter of warning.

100th post update: Start e-mailing your questions like MAD! You can use this e-mail , and thank you in advance!


  1. That was really nice of you to be so observant and hold their mail till they got home.

    Our mail carrier just shoves it all in usually tearing something in the process.

  2. What a great mail carrier and what a great citizen! Sorry you'll be losing them on your route!

  3. Wow, you really are being nice. I'm happy to read that 'nice' is being rewarded - have fun!

  4. You are such a great mail carrier, I know they will surely miss you a lot. They sound very kind, too.
    I hope you have a blast at the waterpark!!

  5. Isn't it awesome when people do things like that? Karma can be a good thing, too!

  6. That is super nice of you, and really thoughtful, too! I'm glad they appreciated you! And, hopefully, you can use those tickets (or sell them)!

    And, hopefully, that letter never makes it into your file!

  7. Wow, that was super-generous of her. But it was well deserved for such an awesome mail carrier.

    I wish ours was as nice as you. He looks like Santa but has the heart of Satan.

  8. Wow!
    You are one great mail carrier!
    I want you to deliver my mail.
    Can I request you?
    Great does pay to go the extra mile.