Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's absolutely true!

I was blog hopping the other day by way of Mcmommy's blog, trying to catch up on all those blogs I like but don't have on my google reader. She has this little thing on Friday's called POW. Most of you know about it. Anyway, my point is, I found this post by Bejewell. Her blog is called The Bean. It's great. I always have myself a good time over there. She does swear kind of a lot (which is ok, because I do too, just not so much when I write). Her POW post was called It's Just a Blog. Bejewell has left me a few nice comments before. She's a great girl. And an awesome writer. It was like everything I have been thinking all rolled into one excellent post. Well...except all that blogher nonsense. I don't even know what blogher is, and I don't think I really want to know.

Obvoiusly you can see by now from my Tuesday post that I must be loser of the century...I mean, really, only one person wanted to do the top 5 tuesday? Am I that boring?

I have this thing called feedburner. It shows how many people are subscribed to my updates. For some reason I have to check this stupid thing every day. I guess it's so I know if it's really worth it to keep this up. I know, some of you have told me I'm hilarious, thank you. But, I'm curious, does anyone know why I'll have x # of subscribers, and then the next day it's x-2, and then the next day it's back up to x? It happens a lot, and maybe I'm just paranoid...I should probably stop looking, but I can't, it draws me in every day.

I know, you're probably thinking I should grow up. I don't even usually care what people think of me. For the last couple of years I've really stopped socializing at work, because of all the drama and gossip that goes on. I try not to talk about people and what they're doing to piss me off at the moment. Without that and gossip there's not a whole lot left to talk about. If I even mention that I have a blog I feel like I'm back in High School, and getting closer to the geeky table every minute (not that we had a geeky table that I ever noticed).

I'm basically just having a hard time with what to write about. Updating on the kids is obvious, they usually give me plenty to write about. The thing that I wonder about is work. I mean, I know how to do it anonymously to a point, and people seem to love my post office posts, but do you just want funny stories? Weird ones go without saying. I have so far tried to not complain about the job itself, because really what good would that do? I was thinking about a letter to the Postmaster General that could be really funny. There's the girl at work with 8 kids, Jerry Springer life that would be really entertaining (most of my family have already heard about her), there's the customers...the lady at the storage place who refuses to talk to me (and why is a whole story), the people who are not the least bit observant about anything, and of course the weird things that happen on the route, I'm sure those could all be fun and entertaining. I could also write about the 7 day paper suspension I got on Monday (unfortunately it's just on paper, I could really use a break!). There are also stories I still hear, even though I don't gossip (I swear) about people in the office. People who need to grow up because they are 50 years old and still acting like they belong in kindergarten. People that really don't take their jobs seriously, and some that are overboard (hello supervisors).

I guess I'll just write what I want to and who cares if anyone's reading. I think am just reverting back to adolescence when I really thought people were laughing at me, and I took things way too seriously, and wished I was part of some group, any group really.

Let me know what you'd like to hear about and I'll take it into consideration (maybe, or maybe not). Should I do a poll?

In the end I guess it really is "Just a Blog" that someday I might have made into a book for my kids (minus all the ranting and raving). It will definately be nice to have this for my kids to look at, because I already know I'll have forgotten most of it by the time they will want to know, since I have such a bad memory and all. (I mean really, I can't even remember all the great things I want to blog about by the time I get home from work.)

Anyway, if you're still reading this, and if you want some really good reading, (and I'm just not doin' it for ya,) head on over to my blog roll, and check out some of these great blogs:

I'm not going to link these, they are linked on the list...(I really don't have the time now, swimming lessons start in 30 minutes!)

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Rachael @ Mommy Learns to Blog
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...ok, if they are on my list over there they are absolutely awesome. I have a ton more to add to it, but I've just been lazy.


  1. i feel ya friend.

    enough said :)

  2. Awww, you are very sweet and I sure appreciate it!!

    One of my very favorite bloggers advised me that I shouldn't let myself get all wrapped up in the numbers, and I try really hard not to - but it is a struggle. I mean really, the whole point of putting something out there is so other people will see it - and we're only human, right?

    Anyway thank you for the shout-out and keep doing what you're doing!

  3. your blog is in my reader...i read every post and i love 'em! (i'm bad about commenting, because i have to actually "click" on your name to go and leave a comment. effort. ugh.) please keep doing what you are doing! i'm so intrigued now by all the possible post office stories...let's hear them! looking forward to your next post!

  4. Dana I love your blog and always read and generally comment (hence why I am #1 commenter!)

    Keep up what you're doing. I think people are just lazy about commenting that's all.

    I don't have feedburner so I don't know what all those thingys mean.

  5. I know what you are talking about...I try not to care too much. I write what I feel, and I hope people like it!

    I'm sure when kiddo #2 gets here, it will be all poop and lack of sleep stories!

  6. Keep doing just what you're doing - your blog is fab! And, I think we'd all love more post office stories.

    I think we all get to a point where we think "hmmm, what am I going to post about today". I know for sure I do!

    Thanks for the shout-out on my blog! And, I figured it out - after McMommy's post about MacMommy and the million and one Heathers, I changed my name to read Rachael(Mommy Learns to Blog)- soooo, I am one of your top commenters too, you just need to combine the original Rachael with the MLTB one! I KNEW I had left you more comments than it said!!!

    BTW, I loved Bejewell's post about It's Just a Blog too . . . she's great! And I love her nonstop use of the F word, which is one of my faves!