Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What am I really thinking...

when I'm out on my route?

Well, it really depends on the day.

Usually it has nothing to to with anything that's in the mail that day.

Seriously, I think very little about what may or may not be in the mail/packages people get.

Occasionally I may read the cover of OK! magazine, but only because they come up with the craziest stuff.

And yeah, once in awhile I might read the cover of Soap Opera Digest, but only if it's the ABC soaps one, and only if it has something to do with General Hospital, not that I watch it, but I used to.

So, here's the big secret...
I'm usually thinking, "Oh, I hope they aren't in there watching me because I just..." and then finish the sentence with any number of these remarks on a given day.

...had to go back to 3 different boxes (on the same street) because I wasn't paying close enough attention and it caught up to me.

...tripped on the sidewalk as I was taking a package to the door, and in the process, dropped said package.

...fell into my vehicle, because I didn't step up high enough and got my foot caught on the step. (causing a bruise on my arm from the stearing wheel)

...dropped all of the mail on the ground as I went to put it in the box, and then had to get out to pick it all up.

...twisted my ankle on the uneven ground as I stepped out of the vehicle.

...spilled all of my water down my front when I was getting a drink. (and man is that cold!)

...ran over their dog! (no, just kidding on that one, it's never happened to me, but did happen to someone I know, and right in front of the owner)

...opened the door on the box and it fell off the post. (This has happened too many times.)

...don't have time to talk for 20 minutes if they come out here.

Ok, I do think about more than that, but on most days I'm so clumsy I usually think one of these things at least once. I have more bruises on my arms, and most are from the door latches. They stick out obnoxiously far and I'm always running in to them. And I pretty much always backtrack if I miss a package (I do it from memory) which I probably average about every other day.

Lately, I've been loving all the questions I've been getting about the heat.

"Is it hot enough for you?", what do you think?
"Do you have air conditioning in that thing?", actually my heat is on all year, so it's hotter in the vehicle than outside.

I do have a couple of really nice people that leave me water. One lady puts a container of ice and a gatorade in the box for me, a full size gatorade...NICE!

So those of you that were worried, have no fear, your mail doesn't really tell us that much about you.


  1. great insight into the life of a mail carrier! What a nice lady leaving you gatorade! We usually leave our mailman some kind of alcohol at the holidays, although this year for some reason we switched to a DD card.

    I think you should start a weekly post - Aventures in Mail Delivery

  2. I used to work for a Postal Credit Union (for Postal Workers--noone went postal...that I saw) and MAN the things they would say and stories they told!

    Happy POW!

  3. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT!!!!!!!!!!!! The design is so awesome!!! I haven't even read your POW post yet, I just had to come and comment first on all your hard work!! Looks wonderful!!

    Ok, I will go read your POW now!

  4. i love the new look of the blog. great insight to the postal carrier. it sounds like you are a good one though.
    i love ours, he knows our first names and always asks me how the baby is.
    much respect to you!

  5. I never thought to leave our carrier a drink! That sure is nice...maybe I'm a meanie?!?

  6. I love your new layout. I have been out here before but can't remember if I left a comment or not. I wasn't even sure, this time when I came back, if I was in the right place because of your awesome new blog-over. But then I remembered that I had indeed been out here.

    Great post, along with your other one, it's made me be a bit more considerate of our mail carriers. And being that it's going to be so hot today, I might just leave a little something nice for him in our box.

    I look forward to reading more.

  7. I LOVE that my mail doesn't tell you too much! I've often wondered, thanks for the post.

    This makes me laugh :)

  8. Wow! I will totally leave water out for my mail carrier now. I never thought of that. Thanks!

    Happy POW!

  9. i found you thru McMommy and must say this post was great! I too have never thot of leaving water out for my carrier but Geez! what a sweet idea! i think i'll have to do this now :D

  10. Ha ha ha!!! We have a mail carrier who stops and talks to EVERYONE. Poor thing is probably like, "Leave me alone! I need to get this done..." Or maybe she loves it. Who knows?!

  11. cool, I love the idea of leaving something to drink. Happy POW!

  12. I used to watch GH too! I was so into the whole Brenda/Sonny/Jax triangle. I bet if I turned it on right now I probably wouldn't have too much trouble catching up. They seem to do the same storylines over and over again.

    Stay cool! I've often thought about putting something cool out for our mail carrier but I just wasn't sure if it was ok to do that.

  13. I never would have thought to put out water or something. Even though I KNOW it gets hot..

  14. I almost didn't recognize your blog... looks good. Hang in there with the heat, I am glad not to have an outdoor job when summer hits!!

  15. Yikes! You must be roasting in there! I can't believe your vehicle doesn't have any a/c out there in AZ. My best friend lives close to Mesa and she's always telling me how crazy hot it is in the summer. You ought to run through a sprinkler every once in awhile! haha!

    Great post! Happy POW!

  16. I always suspected that mail carrier was reading my Us magazine before delivering it. Now I know. . . Cute layout. Funny post.
    Here by way of POW

  17. Dana, I've said it before...I think your "insight" into the mail delivery is always SO MUCH FUN to read!!! I love it!

    Ok, so here's another mail related question for ya....what about holiday tipping? Tell us the truth! What amount brings a smile to your face? I usually include one of our family holiday cards too because I really like our mailman. Is that incredibly dorky of me?