Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stupid Tax Trivia

Anyone who has heard Dave Ramsey knows what stupid tax is. If you haven't heard him, you really should, he's the best financial guy out there, and he's on AM so it's FREE. If you don't know, Stupid Tax is when you've done something stupid that costs you money.

Tonight I went over to Wendy's to get the boys some food. Rylie was sleeping and I wasn't that hungry so I didn't get much. I don't usually get kids meals because I just can't justify spending that kind of money to get some crappy toy and not that much food. This time however, since I wasn't eating, I ordered a kids meal along with Seth's combo meal and chili (I know, who eats chili when it's 100* outside?) So, I pull up to the window and the guy hands me a full bag, and I look the the top because the cheese and onion for the chili is in one of those containers that they put the baked potatoes in, and it took me a minute to realize what it was. So then the guy hands me my drink, and says "Thanks, have a nice day," and I drive off. I get on the freeway, only to avoid all the lights, and as I'm getting up to my exit I realize that they didn't give me the kids meal in the kids meal bag. So I check ('cause what if they just happened to run out of bags or something), and sure enough, they didn't give me the kids meal.

Here's the trivia...Do I...

A.) Turn around and go back to the store, wasting the gas it takes to get back over there?

B.) Just go home and forget the $4 I just paid for the stupid thing, and make Hunter something else to eat?

C.) Forget the food, but go home and call the manager to see if they will give me something for the inconvenience?

And for part 2: I have to admit I was a little distracted when he handed me the food...what was distracting me?

The first person to answer this correctly will win a little prize from me!


  1. I say that you call the manager and try to get something for free later.

    I also say you were distracted by listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio.

  2. Was the Wendy's dude hot? I mean as in smokin? As in WTHeck is doing working at WENDY's?

    Or not.

    Oh and I would so be on the phone when I got home. We don't do fast food often, but we always avoid Wendy's because they NEVER get our orders right.

    I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell them you have this super-great mommy-blog and you're all over their incompetent booties, on your blog!

  3. I would vote for C...especially since you were almost home.

  4. I'm gonna say C. And as for what was distracting you...I'm gonna say you were on the phone.

    And about how much Wendy's almost always puts mayo on my sandwich when I ask for no mayo. What's up with that? Are they so totally incompetent or what?

    P.S. This is me delurking. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks. Love it!

    Lindsey :)

  5. one has guessed right yet. And you have to get both parts of the question right to win.

    Am I making it too hard?

    Should I let you all guess more than one time?

  6. I would say A and for part two, I would say that maybe he had some weird piercings or tattoo, but I like Auds answer better.

    Can I just say that Wendy's is the WORST for getting orders right! We went there a few weeks ago and they totally messed up our order. I definitely think you should call.

  7. Ok, for question number one, I suspect you drove back & got the kids' meal....thus the stupid tax part of the beginning of your blog.

    And as to why you were distracted...well, one of the kids was trying to hand you a booger while the guy was handing you your bag of food so you were not really paying attention because you were hunting for a kleenex in the bottom of your purse.

    How'd I do? :)

  8. Hmmm, this is hard. :)

    I am guessing B for the first part, and I am going to say that you were distracted because you were on your phone.

    Because that is what I would have done.

    Can't wait to hear the real answers!

  9. I am guessing A.
    You can't pull through Wendy's and not give your child the happy meal.
    That could go bad.
    I am guessing you were distracted by the uncleanliness of the Wendy's worker.
    Maybe when he passed you the bag he had long fingernails and looked unkempt.
    Because that would distract me.
    But then I would have to change my answer to C. No way would I return for food from that guy. And I would have two things to complain about to the manager about.
    Have I completely confused you?
    I completely confused me too!

  10. I think A and that you were distracted by not knowing why the cheese and onions were in a baked potato container and then when he said thanks have a nice day you drove off forgetting that.

  11. Wow this is hard...
    Ok I'm gonna guess B. That you just decided to forgot the food. And I'm gonna guess you were distracted because you kids were screaming/wining in the back seat?!