Monday, August 4, 2008

100 Random Questions From Readers

I'm hoping this is going to work as expected. Wendi and I were trying to coordinate our 100th posts. I hope she was able to get hers up before she left for vacation. Go over and see, she's very entertaining, I promise. I had to adjust mine a little. It was supposed to be 100 random questions from my ever faithful readers. Instead, I answered 23 questions and realized I probably shouldn't continue down that road, or you could be here way too long. So I'm going to finish it up with 2 last questions, and leave it at that. Sound good. I promise you won't be disappointed. If you are, I can do another Q&A later on.

1. If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be and why? I think I would like to have lunch with my Grandma Helen when she was 50. Does that make sense? So I would like to go back in time and be the age I am now (knowing everything I know), but have lunch with my grandma when she was younger. There's so much I would ask her. I would probably spend hours asking her about how life was when she was growing up, and the hardships she had to deal with. I remember when I was pretty young I did an interview of her for school, with a tape recorder, I have no idea what happened to that. As I've said, I have the worst memory, so I think I would take a video camera to the past too. She is an amazing woman, and I only hope that I can be half the woman she is.

2.What is an appropriate amount to tip our mail carrier during the holidays? Well, if you really like him/her then you have to decide. Some people give bottles of wine, I've gotten a $20 gift card to Olive Garden, and anywhere from $1 to $20. I know of people who have gotten a lot more. I've also gotten little gift sets, a gingerbread mix, and other similar things. If you know your carrier, get him something you know he likes.

3. What was your wedding like? Me, Seth, his mom, $50, a Judge, and a woman who just got married signed as a witness. Simple but great! We haven't had a honeymoon...yet. We did have a reception in IA with our family there. The way we got married was the simplest solution in regards to location, when tha family is so spread out. I have no patience for planning, and arguing.

4.How did you and Seth meet? We met when I was dating a friend of his between my Junior and Senior year of H.S. It was fate.

5. What made me move to Arizona? I like warm weather. I wanted to go to school at ASU for landscape architecture, and I needed a good job to get me through until I was a resident so I could save on tuition. We both got hired at the post office, and the rest is history.

6. When did you know Seth was "the one"? I think I just knew from the beginning. We had a lot in common and became best friends. When we started living together I realized we were complimentary to each other.

7. What is your favorite memory with Seth? Probably of him trying to change Hunter's diaper in the middle of the night when he had his first poop in the hospital. I was in the bathroom and Hunter started crying, so he thought he could handle it (with no light and no contacts or glasses). Let's just say, tar-like poop was everywhere.

8. What do you remember most about your birth experience with Hunter? They had the epidural so high that I couldn't feel or move my legs.

9. And Rylie? How fast is was after the Dr. broke my water.

10.How did you come to work for the post office? Seth's mom worked there and helped us get signed up for the test, and with all the applications and stuff.

11.Is your eye color for real? Yes 100% , and they seem to change depending on what I'm wearing.

12.What would you do if you had an entire day with no kids and no husband around? Wow, what wouldn't I do? First I would have to get hypnotized to forget to worry about them. I guess I would read, or sew, or scrapbook, or just blog the day away.

13. What is your favorite chain restaurant? Texas Roadhouse, and Boston Market ( sorry I had to cheat.)

14.Favorite meal? either steak or turkey with mashed potatoes (no gravy, I like creamed corn on my mashed potatoes, mmmmmm) and homemade rolls.

15. Do you think you'll ever move back to Iowa? Maybe eventually. Sometimes I wish I lived there now, and other times I think maybe I would like to just have a vacation home there.

16.What is the most romantic thing Seth has ever done for you? He sent me flowers my senior year at school in December just because he loves me. It meant a lot, because since my birthday is Valentine's Day I feel cheated most years.

17.And you for him? Not sure, does cooking his favorite meals count?

18) What is your fave thing about blogging? Getting comments!

19) Would you rather eat dessert or dinner? Dinner

20) What is your most embarrassing mail delivery moment (if you have one)? I was fairly new, and I was pulling out onto a 4 lane street, making a right turn, my window was down too far, I stepped on the gas too hard, and a tray of mail flew out the window in the middle of the street.

21) Most embarrassing public moment in general? I have way too many to pick just one. But did you read this post?

22) What 5 male celebrities would you most like to "have coffee with"? Have coffee, really? Don't you mean something else? Is this code? OK, well in code (since I don't drink coffee), let me see....Matt Damon, David Duchovney(yeah, he's a little old for me, but it's just coffee right?) Milo Ventimiglia, Kevin James (again, just coffee, because I would probably laugh till I pee my pants) and last but certainly not least, Mark Wahlberg.

23) Do you want more kids? Right now, no, but I reserve the right to change my mind.

24. Are you a morning or night person? I've always been a morning person, and I think my kids inherited it. I've been becoming more of a night person lately, since it's the only time I have to myself.

25.That's it, I just couldn't do anymore!


  1. This is a great post!! I honestly could've kept reading forever because your answers were so interesting, but I'm not at all disappointed! I'll have to go check out Wendi's post, now.

  2. Nice getting to know you!! My hubs and I are hs sweethearts, too!

  3. Wow Dana after all this time I just learned lots of things about you I didn't know. I guess us Feb sweethearts must talk about the kids and not ourselves enough.

  4. Happy 100! Great job on answering such a wide array of questions . . . I feel like I learned so much more about you!

  5. Great 100th post. I'm happy that it wasn't 100 questions, my head was already going 'wow' at the thought.

  6. Happy 100! Loved reading all your answers!

  7. so fun!! I love 100th posts!

    My hubby & I are hs sweethearts too! :)

  8. congrats on 100! you and Wendi make me feel lame... I didn't write anything cool... maybe I'll save that for my one year...

  9. Congratulations Dana!!!
    I just got back and ran in to check on this post. (and my comments of course!)
    We did it!
    I had this horrible feeling as we drove out of the driveway that I had linked my post to someone else's blog.
    And that I forgot to post date the correct date.
    So glad to see I did it right.
    Great answers to some difficult questions.
    Hey...I thought I said no good blogging without me?
    Did you post like 10 times?
    Thanks for listening!
    I will be back to catch up later!
    Happy Weekend!!!