Monday, August 11, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday Preview

I decided to start a little something new this week, so I e-mailed Patrice over at Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman, and I asked her what she would like to see for our Top 5 Tuesday question. I am thinking I will start sending random e-mails to my past participants to ask them once in awhile, so be on the lookout...

Since I was a little late deciding on this she had a hard time coming up with something on the spot, so I'm going to give her another chance for next week.

This week is going to be ....

Name your Top 5 reasons you love to blog.

  1. I get to be completely narcissistic if I want.
  2. I love getting comments.
  3. I love when people agree with me (since I know I'm always right)
  4. If someone doesn't like what I have to say they can just not come back, as opposed to saying something mean (of course, I know that's not necessarily true).
  5. I have someplace to store my memories for my kids, and it looks good, unlike a boring WP program.

Now it's your turn!!!! Show me whatcha got! As I've said before, you can either create your own post and link up, or just leave it in the comments. Thanks for playing.


  1. Hi Dana!
    Hope you're having a terrific Tuesday. :)

  2. Good list! I have to agree.

    PS. I tagged you.

  3. Yay! Glad I get another chance haha I do like this topic, though, and I'm glad I get a whole week to come up with something really good for next week! Thanks for the opportunity & for the linkage! :)
    I'm off to work on my post.. yay!

  4. Btw I forgot to mention I love your reasons! You're hilarious! "I know I'm always right!" haha you crack me up!

  5. love your reasons! it's like what i meant to say before i got sidetracked! :)

  6. I think that is a fun idea to ask other people for list ideas. I'll have to start thinking of mine.

  7. This is an AWESOME idea and I'll be back once the Little Imp is in bed to contribute!