Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kitchen Nightmares

Have you seen these cupcakes?

You put the batter in the ice cream cones, and then bake them.

Looks good.

Sounds easy enough.

I'm a pretty good cook.

Really, I swear I am, just ask my mom.

Well...ok, just ask anyone who eats my food (since I rarely cook for my mom).

I decided I would let Hunter make a huge mess help me make the cupcakes.

He couldn't have been more excited.

We washed our hands.

I got him a chair to stand on.

He helped me pour the water in the bowl.

He helped me pour the oil in the bowl.

He LOVED helping me crack the eggs, and he was actually doing really good.

He helped me pour the cake mix the rest of the organic ingredients in (it's possible to make organic cupcakes, right? Oh, well we can pretend, it's my story...)

Then he helped me stir it all up.

I got out my handy scoop.

We filled the ice cream cones.

I guess when they say 3/4 full, they mean draw a line, and be absolutely accurate.

I didn't. We put too much in.

Who knew they'd turn out like this...

(sorry the picture isn't the best, I took it with my phone)

Would you be even the slightest bit suprised to learn that Hunter didn't even care?

He still ate one.

And asked for another one.

Because really...

Who cares what it looks like?

It's the taste that matters.


  1. Totally the taste!

    And "organic" cake mix is totally one of my favorites! :)

  2. The cake runnith over?!?

    And, I'm with Kristen. I love "organic" cake mix, too!

  3. It is all about the taste, Hunter is right.

    He can have my one!

  4. I've done that before. Cut off the excess cake, and frost them. No one will know the difference, and any cake batter that has baked on down the side of a cone is the "drips" from the ice cream. And the bonus is you get extra frosting!! Win win win!

  5. I've never seen these before. Sorry yours didn't turn out. I'm sure once you frost them and put the sprinkles on they will look a lot better. And who cares anyway as long as they taste great!

  6. true that! as long as they taste good, who cares?!

  7. Too funny! I bet they tasted so yummy...after all, he did ask for another :)

  8. lol I've never heard of these.. they are so cute! Too bad they didn't turn out, but I'm glad they still tasted good. I agree it is all about the taste after all!

  9. Ya know, at first I was thinking that you were going to show us a white cake cupcake in the cone, so when I saw the picture, I thought they'd burned really bad. And then the blonde in me dozed off & the brunette me realized that these were CHOCOLATE cupcakes. LOL! I bet once you iced them, they looked just fine! :)

  10. Mmmmm. Chocolate cupcakes. I'll take 'em in any form!

    Seriously, though. I've made them and they never turn out as perfectly as the ones on the box.

    As for the "organic" kind? They're the only way to go if you ask me!

  11. i tried responding to your last comment on my blog about the neighbors, but couldn't find your email! so i'm leaving it here :)

    oh goodness, this landlord needs to implement a plan that when tenants don't pay rent, they are evicted. there are only 2 people living in the building (that i know of) that don't owe the poor guy over $1000! i wouldn't do it. they'd be out so fast. oh well though, it makes for good blogging material!!!

  12. I tried to make those once. I failed once. I gave up and went to the store once. :)

  13. Those should be illegal. You might choke on these laughing so hard as you munch on that chocolately goodness. Thanks for sharing that pic. Made my night!

  14. It's best when you can share those triumphs in the kitchen with the rest of us. I say, at least you tried, I'm with Mr. Lady - to the store I'd go.

  15. Ha! I'm glad I wasn't the only one it happened to! Actually, yours look pretty good compared to the disaster I made!!