Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crime and Punishment

He's a quick one...I think this was all in less than 5 minutes.
You should ALWAYS test out the fingernail polish on the sink so you can pick the right colors.

Toothpaste always tastes better after it's been dried out for a couple of days.

He had to try out my mascara, also testing on the counter first, my lipgloss, and eye primer. I guess he didn't like the eye primer to much.

I think he got a little carried away with the powder, and mineral foundation. I would guess he thought the shakers were really neat.

As if all the squeezing was just not enough...we found him squeezing a trial sized tube of conditioner onto Rylie's head.

This was his punishment.


  1. Wow! He was a busy little boy.
    I can't believe that Rylie put up with him dumping water on her head as long as she did! I never would have let my brother do that when I was little.
    Just one question- was Hunter's underwear on backwards?

  2. Oh, my, that's too much! It happens way too fast!

  3. Wow, my son would have had NONE of the water poured on him! Rylie sure is patient! Thank you for reinforcing my practice of putting just about everything up high and (hopefully) out of reach in the bathrooms!!

  4. Up until you showed the picture of your kid, I figured it was Seth that got into the goodies!

  5. oh no!! Ahh I would be so mad! Poor Riley she was just an innocent bystander! She didn't deserve to have that dumped on her head. I'm sure Hunter will not make this mistake twice after the punishment you gave him. At least he gave u something to blog about! Lol

  6. This post perfectly describes why my stuff is all locked up!

    I don't ever want to walk in and find that!

  7. Oh, Wow. What a patient little gal you've got. I'm impressed that was all he got for punishment! Thanks for sharing...I got a great laugh (at your expense...sorry)

  8. It is amazing what they can get achieved in 5 minutes.

    I wish I were half that industrious!

  9. aaaaand his underwear is on backwards! i'm glad i'm not the only one! i've given up on it lol!

  10. Well, at least the stuff on the counter was fairly easy to clean up.

    As for the mineral makeup, I would have freaked!

    And I have to go back and watch the video, someone is asleep next to me right now!

    Just wait until Rylie wants to
    "do" makeup with you!

  11. How do they destroy so fast?
    I haven't been able to clean that fast yet!