Sunday, August 3, 2008

I really do need supernanny....

I'm at my wits end.
I have a 3 year old who...
has forgotten how to be potty trained, after a full year of hardly any accidents.
He's also figured out how to open the cabinets with the child locks.
We have toothpaste and fingernail polish all over our bathroom sink.
We also have unraveled toilet paper.
And a door full of pin holes, ink pen, that is.
And suppository (you know, the ones I bought to help him poop) gunk all over the inside of the bathroom cabinet.
He's also decided that I MUST be trying to poison him.
He won't eat any of the food I give him.
He will only eat the food I have on my plate.

He also...
says he loves his mom and dad...even when he's in trouble.
Still loves Spider Man.
Tells Rylie, "It's ok Rylie" if she's crying, and pats her on the back.
Always amazes me with the things he knows.
Likes to sing "the wheels on the bus"...and it's cute as hell.

My daughter....
Loves to smack my laptop whenever she can get near it.
Also loves to instigate fights with her brother by smacking him too.
And hates to have her diaper changed.
And is ALWAYS hungry.
Has learned to bite.
Has also learned to scream...LOUD!

She also...
Has the most beautiful smile.
Has a laugh that is unbelievable.
Has recently started saying, "Hi" loud and clear.
Loves her rocking horse.
And wearing our shoes.
Also tries to sing "the wheels on the bus"...only it's more like humming, and it's even cuter.


  1. Here's hoping it's all just a blip honey!

    I'm holding the moon responsible vso my kids have been monstrous just lately too. Of course too many late nights and too much sugar could well be to blame for that.

  2. I love it...both the good and the bad! I was going to ask if it was a full moon, too?!?

  3. ohhh i just love this post :) it's such a good reminder that even when they're being so naughty they still have redeeming qualities!

  4. Oh, how I remember those days. I always heard of the terrible two's but personally I thought the three's were the worst. Temper tantrams, coloring on the walls, and the worst of all the "Battle of Wills" and by golly I was the Mom & I was determined to win. I have never figured out if I ever really "Won" or my little tykes just decided to move on to other things. My best suggestion for Hunter is to put a dead bolt lock on your bathroom and put anything that Spiderman likes to destroy in there and be sure to keep the key on your person because I KNOW he will scale mountains to gain access. This will pass as soon as he realizes you have the upper hand. Lots of hugs when he does something cute or good might help. It might distract his many dreams of evil deeds to a new direction. As for his eating. . . I think he has the same affliction as his cousin Drew, won't eat his but will inhale mine or papaw's. I am thinking our biggest mistake is letting him eat ours and also watching TV when is he is supposed to be eating and I vow that is going to change next time he comes to stay. Really I am. I vow not to let "that melt your heart smile" deter me from my goal.
    As for Ladybug she is just learning from her sibling and fellow playmates. You know that Monkey see Monkey do thing. And even though she isn't acting out in the same ways as her brother, BELIEVE ME, there is a very intelligent conniving brain between those 2 cute little itty bitty ears. And when she give you that charming winning smile, be quick and cover your face so she can't see your joy and laughter. Just try to keep some of those "CUTE" moments in the back of your mind for quick retrival when you have to start counting to 10, 20 or 100. There will be a day when you look back on these days with a smile and shake of the head. Love & your Blogs Dana. They brighten my day. They always make me smile. More pics would be good too. Will I get more if I start texting??? HEHE

  5. Oh honey, I am so right there with you (minus the second child, that is). And I, too, find myself reminding myself of all the incredibly adorable things that make MH who she is because a) it helps keep things in perspective for me so I don't go nuts, and b) we really are learning the true meaning of unconditional love, right?

  6. gotta love three year-olds! That's all I can say. I hope they get better when they turn 4!!!!

  7. sounds a WHOLE lot like my house! :)

  8. I need her too!
    When you find her...tell her for me!
    Loved the good and the bad comparisons.
    Really makes you stop and think!