Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm in a funk....

...and it's a weird funk. I'm not sad, angry, depressed, or even irritated. I almost feel like I have nothing to write about, but I do, and thinking about all of the things I have to write about is almost overwhelming. Maybe that's my funk. The opposite of writers block.

I started out the last week with a Sunday of all day cleaning. You name it we cleaned it. I spent the rest of my week trying (and was mostly successful) to avoid the computer, and keep the house to a reasonable level of cleanliness. Not to mention attempting, and failing miserably, to keep some control over my kids. Apparently, I actually need to watch Supernanny, or Nanny 911, to see how it works, because this whole "wing-it" thing just isn't working for me.

One morning I went and woke Hunter up, went to finish getting ready for work, and when I went back to find out it he had gotten dressed yet, found him with a 10" serrated bread knife in his room, that he had hidden between his fitted sheet and his mattress pad. I still don't know if he had it there all night, or had managed to get it and hide it just then, but I suppose I'm going to have to lock my kitchen stuff in Seth's safe, along with the medications and other dangerous objects. Thank goodness we still have room. It's not just a matter of putting things out of reach for this kid. And forget about child locks, I think I established in my earlier post that he has already figured out how to get those unlocked.

When I cleaned out my cabinets a few weeks ago I had taken all of the medications out of the cabinet and put them in the safe. I left the vitamins and less dangerous things up in the cabinet though. This week I found out that Flintstones Vitamins have a cap that should be labeled "Not So Childproof" since my 3 1/2 year old can get that cap off in less than 30 seconds.

And, I can't forget my younger child. This week she did this, for a laugh. She has also figured out how to completely scale the counter-height kitchen chairs, and from there usually ends up on the table. Lucky for me she figured out how to get herself down yesterday, so now I don't get the desperation "help me, I'm stuck" scream every 5 minutes, which was actually part of the reason I've been avoiding my computer this week. She also has a new word, and that's what I'm going to call it, a word. You may not think pfft is a word, but to Rylie, it means HOT. I finally figured it out, she has been making that noise whenever I put her in the car, or give her food, and usually I say HOT as I'm doing that. And since it sort of sounds like she's blowing on her hot food when she says it, now it's a word. Another thing she's figured out, is how to take her very own diaper off. She usually takes it off when she's a little wet, and promptly throws it in the trash, (and then sometimes immediately pees on the floor). I've got news for her, we're not potty training now.

I also managed to make it to our district union meeting on Wednesday night. All I can say about that is- it seemed to me like a colossal waste of time, and it just reminded me why I sometimes wonder why we even have a union. For a minute I thought I was at a meeting of Congress and the Republicans and Democrats were having a standoff.

I also guest posted for Patrice this week, as she's starting college and having all kind of new adventures that I'm completely only just slightly a little jealous of.

We had a visitor on Friday. Well, not really a didn't even bother to knock and ask for permission to come into our backyard. Seth saw it as it was making it's way towards the front of the house on the wall outside our living room windows. The darn thing was moving too fast, so I only got this one picture of it....

We also saw it again today, on the wall going to the back, and by the time I grabbed the video camera it had jumped into the neighbors yard. We have guessed that it must be a female peacock, and one of the neighbors thinks it belongs to someone close by.

That pretty much sums up our week here. I know I have a lot of things on my to do list. I have a meme or two to do, I haven't forgotten those. I also sort of promised to write a post about a girl who once...ummmm, kind of...sort of...stole a package, and gifted the contents to the big bosses at work. Yeah, I haven't forgotten that one either.

P.S. I've also got to come up with something for this weeks edition of Top 5 Tuesday...I'm taking suggestions, feel free to e-mail me if you have any ideas (preferably sometime before 8 pm pacific time Monday). They really don't all have to be about movies, music, tv, or that sort of thing....something of a different subject matter would be more than welcome. Even if you don't have a blog, I'll still consider your topic, and you can post your answers in my comments, I'm very flexible that way.


  1. That's so cool and weird a peacock came to your house! lol That's something that doesn't happen everyday. I'm sorry your kids are giving you a hard time, but it definitely makes for entertaining reading! I'll e-mail you my suggestion for Top 5 Tuesday I tried 2 e-mail you last week! haha

  2. Crazy week huh? Madness regarding Hunter and that knife. That has got me terrified.

    Hope the kids are less of a hand full this week for you. Some weeks I totally feel like they are ganging up on me.

  3. a knife in bed? oh honey. i think you need a vacation!!

    seriously, i sooo get the "funk" for no reason. really. been there.

    hoping for a better funkless week!

  4. You have been busy!

    A peacock...that's crazy!

  5. I think part of my funk includes the fact that my brain is working overtime trying to figure out a new delivery order on my route, because they are adding a couple of trailer parks to me, and I need to incorporate them, which means changing my entire route.
    Add in the heat that feels like it's never going to end, and wanting to take a nap every afternoon... disaster.