Friday, August 15, 2008

They say you should teach them young...

I was doing laundry last night, and Rylie just HAD to help me.

I got a little on video, but the sad thing is that while I was thinking how cute it is that my 16 month-old likes to help me do laundry, I was also secretly thinking, "Darn, if we hadn't gotten the pedestals to make the washer and dryer taller, then she might actually be able to do this by herself." Does this make me a bad mother? Would it sound even worse if I was wondering whether those pedestals come off?

It looks like my video just won't post, I've been waiting for about 3 hours, it's just not gonna do it.


  1. That is adorable, precious, and everything else.

    I bet those pedestals come off! And, that doesn't make you a bad mommy!!

    Sometimes (most of the time), I use photobucket for my videos. I seem to have better luck, especially when blogger is acting crazy.

  2. My little boy likes to help with the laundry too. So cute...and boy, would I love a set of those front-loading max capacity washer/dryers. Are you just in love with them? (or as much as you can be with a washer and dryer...haha)

  3. hahaha no you're not a bad mother! seriously, let her do that AS LONG AS SHE WANTS lol! cuz there will come a day when it's all you can do to get her to do anything! :)

  4. Yes it does make you a bad mum....but in the best possible way! It also makes you highly amusing, and someone who i will be visiting again!