Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My favorite kind of day...

Since we live in a place that is sunny almost every day of the year, yesterday was a rare day, especially for summer, where it was cloudy and rainy. (Well, it was really sunny until I was about halfway through my route, that's where I took these pictures of the storm moving in, with my phone.)

The first one is on the first street I have on this one section of my route, where the streets all run parallel, and are all cul de sacs, running East and West. Each street took me about 5 minutes or less, and there are a total of 6 streets.

This second picture is 3 streets later, and you can not even see the mountains anymore because of the rain.

On the next street after this one, I was sitting at a box when I saw the flash of the lightning, at exactly the same time that the thunder cracked so loud, sounding like it was directly above me, my heart jumped into my throat. I have never felt so close to a storm before, and it wasn't even raining on me yet. Just imagine how loud thunder can sound when your sitting in a big metal box with nothing to muffle the sound.
The last picture was on the last street that I have on that part of my route. Just two streets after the second picture, that's how fast our storms move here. I didn't wind up getting more than a few sprinkles, even on the last part of my route which was even closer to the area where it looked like it was raining.

When I say that it's rare, I mean it's rare to get rain during the day in the summer. We get monsoon storms for a couple of months where it will rain every night for a week, but that's usually not really helpful during the hottest days.

I have gotten pictures of the monsoon late it the day. Last year I was leaving Wal-Mart to come home and I got this picture...

If I was only a better photographer....


  1. I recognized Arizona right away when I saw the pics. I have tons of family there, and whenever we visit, I pray for those nightly rainstorms. They are so refreshing.

  2. Wow! Those are some pictures.

    Should you be taking pictures while you are working? just kidding.

  3. Those are really cool pictures, especially since you took them with a phone! I love it when you can actually see the rain falling from clouds in the distance. So cool.

  4. Yea for monsoon season!!

    When you live in the mountains of the state it rains every day!

    Right now I am typing this with my fleece on. It is down right freezing today!!

  5. Awesome pictures!!

    I'm glad you stopped to take some for us--they made for an awesome post!

  6. that last pic is CRAZY! i don't know what i would do if i saw that, holy SMOKES!!!

  7. I loved the rainstorms whenever I was in AZ. Because it is so warm and lovely still. That is so not what rainy days are like here.

    Now the sand storm I experienced that was beyond freaky.