Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little bits of randomness

Do you ever have those times when you write something, and even though you spelled it right, it looks wrong? Or when you say a word and it sounds weird?

There are some words I don't like to say out loud. And by asssociation, I try not to even use them when I write. Some are the typical, you say know the rest.
I'm not sure why I have this word aversion. Maybe it's from growing up in the midwest, where we say pop, not soda.

Other words are just uncomfortable for me to say. Some names too. I'm not really a nickname person, unless that's how we're introduced.

I can't stand the word panties. Don't know why, I just prefer underwear.

I'm sure there is a ton more, but it could get old real fast, and I seem to have forgotten most of them at the moment.

On to a more interesting topic...web search. I have seen people do this and I thought it might be fun and interesting. Here are the top 10 search results that have gotten people to my website.
  1. Purple Ribbon Month
  2. Tax Trivia
  3. Az Pipers blogspot
  4. supernanny
  5. supernanny where are you blog
  6. supernanny updates
  7. stupid trivia
  8. supernanny game
  9. 2008 amazing dog rescue
  10. 100 random questions

Those are the top 10, here are some of the really strange ones

62 year old in a bathing suit (really, who wants to see that???)

administering an enema to a child that is sick (eww, I'm sorry)

anthony james water accident in arizona-never heard of it

it seems a lot of people want to know if they would get paid to be on the supernanny show- they won't find out here

dog eats corn dog stick (Owwwww, I bet that was an experience)

missed trash day smell (I guess our neighbors were trying to figure out if they could get us fined for our nasty smelling trash)

nursemaid elbow t shirt - a band maybe????

supernanny pee outside pictures - um, gross!

even more people out there wanting to find out how to cheat at some supernanny game- come on people stop cheating and just do it honestly!

there's also "what to do while travelling"- I wouldn't know, I visit family, but you will find out what NOT to do.

and yes, someone actually found my site by searching for a penis razor, nice.

I think they only actually list the ones that are searched for in the Google search engine, because I also have that little feedjit thing that shows where people are from and how they got here (keywords also) and I remember seeing that someone searched for how to use a penis razor one time. Yes, I was a little grossed out.

Moving on, I was thinking about the new fall season of tv, and also something made me remember this video that a friend shared with me, about the time he also got me hooked to 24.

Even if you're not a 24 fan, you will still get it, and you will still laugh...

I also need to apologize to my favorite blogger from overseas, Carol asked me some questions for my 100th post and I somehow missed them.

Here's what she wanted to know:

What is your favorite post you've written? I think it is (currently) going to be the one about our smelly trash.

When you're going to have more kids? Jury is still out on if or when.

#1 celebrity heartthrob as a kid? I don't remember, but how about I just say Mark Walburg, cause he's still really hot.


  1. how do you find out what terms people used to search and wound up on your site? (sorry, still such a blogging virgin here! ;) )

  2. I don't think I have a favorite post!

    But, I'm the same with words and names. If they are uncomfortable to say, then I try to avoid them...I've got a couple student's who's names I have a hard time with. I ask them if they have luck!

  3. i am beginning to doubt my mind this week... i swear i visited every day this week... but this blog escaped me...

    isn't that search thing fun... my top one is hand foot mouth pools. I get several people a day who come from that... it's #4 or #5 on google search... does that make my C famous? :)

  4. I'm totally with you on that pop/soda thing. Oh so awkward.
    Happy POW

  5. I love some of the google things that get people to your blog. It's very interesting. How do you find that out? Happy POW!

  6. Same question as Melissa above. How do you find out what people searched on google to get to your site?

  7. love how someone googled penis razor and found your site...who in the heck was lookin' for a penis razor! too funny.

  8. I'm with Liz, I want to know how people find what people searched to get to your blog. Your is interesting to say the least :)

  9. You can set up an account with google analytics, and there's a code that you insert in your template. Then you can see how many people visit your site everyday, how they got there (keywords) and also if they were referred by another site (like if you participate in POW). Careful, you can become addicted.

  10. Yeah! I want to know how to play the google game too. Down south we call most sodas/pops, "Coke," after all, it is the best.

  11. I have tons of words that I say out loud in conversation, but I'm not sure if my usage is 100% correct, so I don't use them when I write. THAT would be putting it out there to be judged by forever!

  12. ohmygoodness, this post covers it all. looks like you had some catching up to do!

    Well, i just have to say that I too have words that I don't like, and try to avoid using in any context. one of them is snack... weird i know

    and after reading all the crazy searches that have brought people to your blog, i went and checked mine... but it's pretty benign. my fave was brazilians love full lips. yah. ok lol