Monday, August 11, 2008

I am a hypocrite!

Do you remember this post? The one where I mention my extreme dislike of texting. Well, I have to come clean. I went and bought a new cell phone the other day because my old one was looking like this...

It is a little hard to see, but right above the phone there is a little round black thing. It came off of the hinge. I came upon my 16-month-old with that little tiny piece of phone in her mouth. For some time the battery cover has been falling off if it gets dropped even the slightest bump. I really didn't have any complaints with my Razr. We have our service through Verizon Wireless and have not had too many problems with service, dropped calls, or even minute usage.

My new phone is super cool, with a full keyboard for texting. Hmmm. Well, part of the reason I hated texting was how insanely long it took for me to write a text, and I'm sooooo limited for time. So this full keyboard thing is starting to look pretty good. It started looking even better when I asked about adding unlimited texting to our plan and found out it would only be about $10 more a month than what we had been paying, and that was for both phones.

Finally, I just added it. I figured Seth would be happy. He was. I didn't know how incredibly jealous he would be about the phone I got. I guess that's why they call it the enV2. The guy at the store gave me a really good deal. I walked out paying $50 and I got the phone, a case, a memory card, and a car charger. Seth has the second line, so I had to pay a little more for his phone, but he still got a pretty good discount. I also had to wait and order it online, and we're still waiting for it to arrive. It looks like it got mis-shipped and wound up in TX.

I guess Hunter picked up on the jealousy. He still keeps asking me where my phone is and telling me my phone is tired, it wants to take a nap, and sleep with him. He also likes me to put it in the case and clip the case on his shorts so he can carry it around. It's pretty cute actually.

Here's a picture of the phone: It didn't look like anything special to me at first glance, but the more I use it, the more I like it.


  1. I'm not a big texter, either...but I don't like the slide phones.... I guess I won't get any messages from you!!!

    Glad you like your new one. My daughter loves to play with my old phone, too.

  2. Your new phone looks so nice!

  3. We are so sisters - I had the Razr before getting the enV2, only difference was mine was just silver.

    Krystyn - it's not a slide phone! It opens like a book and is fabulous!

    Dana and I are in huge trouble now - we have been texting and the other morning I called her up like we talk 50 times a day. We HAVE talked on Skype, but it was so awesome to hear her voice and chat with her on the phone.

    Love it!

  4. Love the new phone chicka!
    I am not a big texter...more of a chatterer!

  5. I wasn't much of a texter either till my friend introduced me to T9. That makes texting to much easier!

    I so want a new phone though! Can't wait till my contract is up and I can get a new one. I have my eye on the LG Shine....

  6. yah, i'm a little jealous too! i really like that phone. I'm a hard core texter though. i've gotten so good at the stupid T9 texting that to switch to a full keyboard might actually be hard though! if you use it efficiently though, i think texting can save you a lot of time, which sounds like that's something you could use!

    and you should start taking more pics! i've been a picture taker for years, but it wasn't until i started blogging that i got really into it... mostly because i knew other people would see and i would always get feedback :)