Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Battle of Epic Proportions....

Hunter has a new friend...

They were introduced a couple of days ago, and have only been allowed to play while Rylie is sleeping. Until today that is. We had the Legos out last night, and he slipped this guy past me when we cleaned up. He let Lego man watch him eat lunch (his mouth wouldn't open so he could taste it). Then he decided he needed to take all these pictures of him. Pretty amazing pictures from a 3 year-old.

All day we kept having fighting over this 1 inch tall dude. He finally had to ride around in my pocket for a while. I can only say that for someone so small he sure had my two kids fighting dirty trying to get him.


  1. legos are the root of legendary fights with my boys...

  2. It's all well and good until someone steps on one of those evil little one inch in the middle of the night.

    Um yeah, I am kinda anti-lego. I enjoy my feet, not maimed by those things!

  3. We have yet to buy any of the smaller lego. I know mine would fight over those ittle lego men all day long.

    So maybe I'll just never buy any.

  4. Oh Legos...a love/hate relationship!