Friday, August 1, 2008

Did you know....

There's something I noticed recently, and I want to share.

I use feedburner.

Sometimes it makes me mad (like the other day when all my subscribers disappeared, luckily they showed up later).

In other cases I think it is the coolest.

I'm addicted to finding out how many people are subscribed to my blog, I have to check everyday.

There are some other cool features.

I didn't know how cool until tonight.

I'm having problems with my internet explorer.

I've been pretty lazy about blogging lately and I've been reading my favorites in google reader.
So tonight I was using my reader and then going to the sites to comment. It can get a little time consuming waiting for pages to load and stuff (because I just don't have the fastest internet out there).
But I'm a patient person....that is, until I got error messages that said unable to load the page. WTF!
I thought it was just one specific blog, and I really wanted (I mean, NEEDED) to comment. So I went to my e-mail and just sent it that way.
So then I go to check out Carol's blog, because she tagged me for a Meme, and also gave me an award this week, so I NEEDED to go there and collect. Imagine my frustration when I couldn't open her page either! AHHHHHHH!

Then I remembered feedburner.

I remembered that when I was messing around with my feedburner account there was this one page.

(If you use feedburner, I promise this is really super dooper easy, and it will save so many people a lot of time, and possibly get you more comments. I know I am going to start looking for it on the feeds I read in reader.)

On the optimize tab click on FeedFlare.

Then pick the options you want.

If you use blogger you can add a comments count.

When people view your feed with google reader (if you have mine in your reader you can look at it for an example) at the bottom of the post there's a link that will say, 6 comments (or however many) and then the reader can just click on that link to leave their comment.

So no more visiting their site (unless you just love their layout, like I know you love mine so much) just to leave a comment.

Now, doesn't that sound easy peasy??????

Try it, you might like it!

And let me know what you think of this little tip!


  1. I'm soooo glad you said that about your troubles w/ IE & blogs tonight. We're having the same trouble here & it's only with blogspot/blogger sites. Very frustrating! I bet there is some glitch in the system somewhere & it'll get fixed by ...welll, sooon I hope!

    But ya know, I can open SOME of them, just not all, which is further frustrating! After all, YOURS opened just fine for me. But about 1/2 of the others I check in on daily didn't! Grrrrr!

  2. I nearly had a breakdown when I couldn't open my blog today. Turns out that sitemeter are having problems so if you have one of their counters installed Internet explorer can't open your blog. Annoying.

    Honey Rach gave you an award this week not me. Though I do have some to give. So watch this space!

  3. Glad you figured out an alternative. I was going to say the same as Carol! I had a bit of a scare last night, but all is well!

    I don't use feedburner, but I'm sure some people could benefit!

    (And, FYI: Blogs are working in mozilla firefox).

  4. I love this tip. I'm going to try it the next time I have some unhindered computer time!